About our PV Inverter Testing

Periodic PV / Solar Inverter Testing

We are Canberra based business specialising in periodic PV (anti-islanding) Inverter testing as per Evoenergy requirements.

This testing is a requirement of Evoenergy to ensure the PV Inverter’s anti-islanding protection is operational.

We provide a totally independent service. We do not sell, install or repair any solar parts; therefore we provide a totally honest test, not trying to sell you “add ons”.

All paperwork taken care of, no need for you to do anything other than provide access to your inverter and meter box. After the test is completed you will receive an email copy of the test, submitted at the same time to Evoenergy and a second email with our invoice.

Our Electrician

Our electrician Charlie is an ACT licenced and very experienced Canberra electrician with CEC accreditation meeting all Evoenergy requirements.

Charlie has almost 50 years of experience as an Electrician in Canberra.

ACT Licence #19751268

Evoenergy Requirements

To meet Evoenergy requirements all our PV inverter testing is sun dependent. We cannot do the test if it is too overcast, too early in the morning or too late in the afternoon, as your solar system must be generating at least 20% of its rated output.